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    Area: 932-acre park

    Location: Sierra Pelona Mountains


    Originally the home of the Tataviam American Indians, the last of which died in 1916.




    Location: Cayucos, CA

    Area: 4 Miles

    Description: Broad inlet bordered by a beach, with two Creeks that flow through a lagoon just inland.






    Location: Salton Sea Revisited

    Basin: United States, Mexico

    Taken @ Salton City 



    Photographers Note: This place still haunts, yet captivates me. Everything tied to this body of water dies and erodes, it is a truly bizarre thing to see a "Sea" in the middle of the...

    Location: Inside Griffith Park

    Elevation: 1,056ft

    Hike: 2.4 miles







    Location: Griffith Park - Los Angeles, California

    Established: 1912 

    Closed: 1966

    It is said that the property is both cursed and haunted.




    Location: Savannah, GA

    Established: 1739

    Area: 500 Acres

    Oak Avenue: Built 1890


    Location: Pacific Ocean

    Total Islands: 8

    Area: 350.89 sq mi 

    Highest Elevation: 2,429 ft 

    Highest Point: Devils Peak, Santa Cruz Island




    Model: Jamie Magnor

    Location: Windermere, Florida

    Photographer: Shannon Lee

    Couple: Amber & Ryan

    Location: Big Sur, California

    Photographer: Shannon Lee

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