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Shannon Lee has over 14 years of professional shooting experience, a BA in Film and Photography, and is currently completing a Masters Degree in Emerging Technologies and Marine and Coastal Management to further grow her passion for underwater photography and Marine Biology. Already an avid scuba diver, she intends to spend a large portion of 2020 merging land shoots with the underwater environment for her new venture, Charlie Shannon Creative. Shannon has had images recognized by National Geographic, and NBC's She is continually building her portfolio, documenting her travels within the US borders, and beyond. In addition she is in the early pre-production phase of her first two part documentary series "Chasing The Wolf" & "WARRIORS" which will make it's debut in in Fall of 2020. A multi-faceted creative observer, Shannon Lee is constantly pushing boundaries and her own personal limits in order to capture life in spectacular photographs.



"Shannon is an exquisite photographer. Her passion for what she does is obvious right from the first moment you speak with her about your vision for your special day all the way through to the moment you get the gorgeous results. She manages the perfect balance between having fun yet being totally professional and makes you feel relaxed and in the moment yet gently guides you to get those perfect shots. Working with her was a totally natural experience. When we got the photos back we were ecstatic with the finished product! Many of our friends are artists and commented on Shannon’s eye for composition and were very impressed with her work. Anyone can point and shoot but it takes a natural eye and real artistic talent to do what she does. But even aside from that, we fell in love with how she made us feel like the most beautiful couple in the world and the memories she captured on our amazing day! The trouble with her photography is trying to not print out every single one, blow it up and cover all the walls in them! Or maybe that’s not a bad idea after all…" -Honey Pisano, Siena Italy


"Working with Shannon was a true pleasure! She was fun, thoughtful, professional, and made me comfortable in front of the camera! She has a way about her that puts people at ease if a bit nervous (like me!). Shannon is extremely talented and the moments she captured of my wedding ceremony were stunning. I just received some of the prints back and people are asking who took the pictures. I am proud and happy to recommend Shannon as she is such a talented artist. Her pictures capture moments and tell meaningful stories. No one else could capture the 'feeling' between my husband and I the way Shannon did. I'll cherish the images forever!" -Amber Lynn, California


"Shannon Lee is absolutely amazing! Not only is she super fun to work with but the girl knows how to take great photos! Our wedding was in Canada and Shannon made it so easy to help accommodate our planning as she lived in California. Once the big day arrived Shannon needed no direction. She shot the perfect wedding! I couldn't be happier with the lifetime of memories Shannon created for us. Not to mention the presentation she did sending out photos, but I'll let you see that for yourself!" - Lauren Prokosh, Montreal Canada


"Shannon Lee shot cover art for the release of an album and a single for me. Shooting with her was an absolutely pleasure and the pictures were phenomenal. Her eye is fantastic, often catching inspiration where there appears to be none. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a stunning shoot!" - Ben Dukes, California


"Shannon is inventive and out-of-the-box with her execution of photos.

 She was incredibly easy to work with and was great with our kids!" - Chris Lallathan, Florida


"Shannon doesn't just capture an image, she captures moments from the most beautiful angle possible. Her photo's aren't only beautiful to view but they make you feel the energy and importance of that particular moment!" - Rachael Marie, New York


"She has a way of putting me at ease, and gives me the ability to reach my fullest potential. She is a natural in terms of capturing moments!" - Capree Feliciano, California


"I've worked with many photographers in the past, and she is the first female photographer ever, that I have decided to work with on my personal venture. She has allowed me to feel a natural level of comfort in front of a camera lens that I haven't experienced in the past. There is innovation and true individual thought and detail put into every shot she takes. When someone is in front of a camera, they are 'exposing themselves' in a way and no one wants to feel judged or compared to anyone else that has been shot already. She has an ability to make sure that you feel comfortable with yourself before the shot is taken, to ensure a successful photo. There is passion in what she does and it is conveyed clearly during a photoshoot. I have witnessed this talented woman literally get dirty on the ground, stand on chairs and even be willing to get on top of a roof (and if she could have, she would have, lol) to get the shot. Shannon's professionalism is shared though  her patience during a photoshoot, all the while not forgetting what each individual is looking to achieve out of the photo session. Her pictures have been recognized by Oprah and National Geographic, and she wears it all humbly. Her smile will show you she is truly loving being able to capture unique moments, whatever they may be. And her pictures will leave you speechless. They say "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", if it's Shannon behind that lens looking at you, beauty is all she captures!"- Jamie Magnor, Florida


"Having Shannon photograph Jason and I was an effortless and enjoyable experience. We just went about our business and let her capture the moments with some direction of course when needed. The results were fantastic and certainly the best photos we have of Jason and we  display them proudly. I can't wait to work with her again in the future!" - Andre Ramos, Colorado


"Shannon photographed my wife's Trash the Dress session. Not only was my wife pleased but Shannon added her own flair and vision to the shoot that sent the photos over the top. I recommend Shannon and we look forward to working with her again!" - Daniel Gee, Pennsylvania